A soothing, infinite puzzle game by Greg Lobanov

with music by Omni-Psyence

"A highly reflective and contemplative experience."
TouchArcade (4.5/5)
"Eschews much of the trappings of modern gaming to be a pure, untouched package."
148Apps (4/5)
"It's relaxing, simplistic yet beautiful, and challenging."
AppAdvice (5/5)
"Like taking a walk in the park at the end of a long, stressful day."
Indie Game Magazine (8/10)
"Fruit Ninja for smart people."
"Perfect for those who just want to have some fun and unwind for a while."
"One of those games you can keep for months and never get tired of."
"A truly original title... very relaxing." [translated]
iPhone Italia
"Like a sculptor finding structure on a blank canvas... endless puzzle pleasure." [translated]
"Very simple and intuitive, but takes time to master." [translated]
"You'll understand the kind of payoff this cerebral game offers."
"One of the most inventive and peaceful puzzle games on the App Store."
TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)